The secret side of Lake Como (in Italy) is just under the glamorous surface. Lake Como in Italy has become one of the most known landscapes on the planet and probably you have had a glimpse of it as the setting for a multi-millionaire wedding or the holiday vacation of celebrities and VIPs from all over the world. At first, it was George Clooney followed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro, Matt Damon and Catherine Zeta-Jones to name few of them. However, there is more to know beyond its glamorous surface, it conceals, in fact, a secret life, deep, somehow mysterious. Away from the mainstream monuments and well-known routes, there are some perfect destinations for those who are curious to search for the unexpected and hidden gems, surrounded by mysteries and local legends. A famous local singer Davide van desfros is convinced there is a very Dark Way of Lario – the other name of Lake Como.

There are some infinite possibilities about what to do and see around the lake and its surroundings. Some places are already part of a collective imagination and must be safeguarded. Nevertheless, it is impossible to elicit its deep essence by visiting only the mainstream and most known places. The area is worthy of being explored, discovered and this requires time. Such time is rewarded by the intensity of an unforgettable experience. This is the reason why Lake Como is the ideal destination for the slow tourism of those who want to understand, live and breathe the atmosphere of the area.

The first thing to decide when choosing what to do and see on Lake Como is to think about which means of transportation is the most suitable to your needs. It is worthy to say that many mansion houses or shores can be reached only via the lake, some incredible and scenic monuments can be accessed only through rugged trails and unpaved tracks, many routes are narrow and windy.

Do not be afraid though. Wayfarers, pilgrims, and traders have all wandered across this land. If you like walking, if you love giving yourself the time to explore the places without the obsession of using the car, you will find ancient and breathless trails, a well-organized ferry service which can take you where car and bus drivers do not dare to go.

slowlakecomo-33By the way, the way of life on the lake is a true philosophy and to absorb yourself within its territory is the best choice to truly understand it. We have selected some hidden gems and less known places and you will discover more by searching our website. Feel at ease while you let yourself wander among small hidden beaches, tiny villages on the edge of scenic cliffs over the lake, mysterious and unusual monuments, wild and beautiful scenery, meadows where witches are said to be present and erratic rocks.

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